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Our sister company, Diamond Heat Treat, specializes in nitriding processes with state-of-the-art process controllers. Fill out the form to get more information or get a quote.


Nitriding Heat Treating Process

Hudapack offers nitriding processes through our sister company, Diamond Heat Treat in Rockford, IL.





Gas Nitride processing is a surface diffusion process that forms a nitride layer through the use of dissociated ammonia as the source. Various alloy steels can be gas nitride harden. The material hardness is controlled by the alloy of the steel and is material dependent. In general, the expected minimum layer hardness is HRC 58.

The operating process temperature is lower than other surface diffusion processes. The process temperature range is 500˚C – 530˚C (930˚F – 975˚F). Typical gas nitriding depths are .010”-.020”. Dimensional distortion is minimal in the process and there is a predictable dimensional growth due to the diffused layer. Final machining is normally not performed post nitriding. Selective surfaces to be nitride can be achieved through the use of a masking agent.

State of the art process controllers are utilized to monitor the atmosphere of the nitriding equipment. Important key characteristics are viewed in real time. The ability to store 100 process recipes allow the production process to become expedited with digital touch screen controls.


The focus of gaseous nitrocarburizing is to produce a wear resistant diffused compound layer. Common depth of the layer is .0004”-.001”. The gaseous atmosphere composition is a function of the requirement of the customer.

Diamond Heat Treat also offers our customer base a post oxidation nitrocarburizing process. A post oxidation addresses corrosion resistance. To determine whether our corrosion resistance protection meets your requirement we suggest for you to perform salt spray testing by an independent laboratory.

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