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Hudapack offers induction hardening of fasteners, shafts, gears and other parts as a specialized process. Contact us today via the form for more information.  


Induction Fastener Heat Treating

Hudapack specializes in the induction hardening of fasteners, shafts, gears and other parts that require selective hardening, also known as differential hardening. Our equipment includes automatic fastener hardening to harden the tips of self-tapping screws. Our bowl feeder lines are capable of hardening 6,000 to 20,000 parts per hour, depending on size and configuration.


6,000 TO 20,000 PARTS PER HOUR

Hudapack offers the induction hardening of fasteners as a specialized process. Fasteners regularly have lot size orders into the thousands of pieces, and Hudapack is a source for handling these large lot sizes. We offer bowl feeders which automates the loading of the fasteners onto the processing line. The fasteners travel through a continuous induction coil to ensure that each fastener is processed to meet your print profile requirements. With the bowl feeder automated production lines, the dimension of the fastener and depth of hardening will calculate the hourly production rates which can be into the thousands of fasteners per hour.

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