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atmosphere carburizing

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Carburizing Heat Treatment

Hudapack offers a three-zone continuous atmosphere carburizing furnace with integral quench. This furnace, with automatic atmosphere controls, paperless charting and a nitrogen safety purge system, can treat up to 1,000 pounds per hour, subject to part configuration and case depth. After carburizing or carbonitriding, parts can be either atmosphere cooled or oil quenched. This is ideal for deep case hardening of 0.050 inches or greater.



what is atmosphere carburizing?

When the application of a component requires wear resistance, impact resistance and improved mechanical properties, atmosphere carburizing would be a heat treat process of choice. The process cycle consists of setting the carbon potential of the atmosphere well above the carbon% of the component. The excess carbon, within the atmosphere, will diffuse into the surface of the component at a desired depth.

Atmosphere carburizing is normally a three stage operation known as Boost/Diffuse/Quench. It applies to most chosen carburizing depths. First, the Boost stage is to drive the carbon into a parts surface by utilizing an atmosphere with a high carbon potential at a high temperature setting. The Diffuse stage is performed utilizing a lower carbon potential set point. Most Diffuse stages are also performed at a lower temperature than the Boost stage. This Diffuse stage allows for the carbon to diffuse deeper to meet an expected effective case depth (*). The Quench process transforms the components microstructure into martensite. This transformation phase increases the hardness of the carburized layer.

 (*) The effective case depth is the quenching of the carburized layer to be RC 50 at the desired depth of carburizing.

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