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Terms and Conditions | Hudapack

Rev. C   7/18/2019

Critical Commodity suppliers must comply with the following purchasing requirements.   Notification of nonconforming product and HMT disposition of nonconforming material.

Notification of any process and product changes, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility and location, HMT must provide approval of requested changes.

The supplier shall ensure that employees are aware of their contribution to product conformity, their contribution to product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.

All purchasing requirements must be passed on to any sub-tier suppliers.

A quality records retention program must be maintained and controlled.  Records must be retained for 10 years.

Right of access by Hudapack, their customer and regulatory authorities to all applicable areas and supplier facilities for review with access to appropriate records.

If this purchase is for calibration equipment, calibration equipment repair and any calibration service, all used testing equipment must be traceable to NIST standards.  These standards including the As Found / As Left and any out of specification conditions must be reported.

Requirements of 10CFR21 Standard apply.