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atmosphere hardening

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Atmosphere Heat Treating

Hudapack supports a wide range of atmosphere heat treating services including carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening, carbon restoration, annealing, normalizing, stress relieving and cryogenic treatment. Our batch internal quench furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure superior heat treating quality, through precise control of temperature, atmospheres and time.

We can also process parts to meet straightness specifications. Secondary services such as straightening, and blasting are also available. We also offer black oxide and plating processes through outside services.



what is atmosphere hardening?

When there is a need to harden mid-carbon to high carbon steels, maintaining the integrity of the surface is critical. To achieve this, heat treating in protective atmosphere is required. This process is also known as neutral hardening. This means that the carbon potential of the protective atmosphere is equal to the components carbon makeup within the steel.

During the heat treat process, the material will experience phase transformation. When the component begins a phase transformation known as austenite, this key temperature is known as the critical temperature. It is at this stage of the heat treat process where the carbon potential set-point of the protective atmosphere is equal to the carbon composition of the steel. If the carbon set-point is lower than the components carbon content degradation of the surface will begin. This degradation is the depletion of carbon at the surface known as decarburization. If the decarburization is severe scaling of the surface will be visual.

restoring surface carbon

The protective atmosphere carbon set-point can be controlled to perform restoration of depleted surface carbon. This is achieved by having the carbon potential within the atmosphere equal to or slightly higher than the carbon content of the component. When the component exceeds the critical temperature for the material the carbon will diffuse into the components surface. This will restore the surface carbon for the component material.

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